New Project!

2012-11-15 14:26:37 by ReklessCreati0n

I am starting a new project series, I will be looking for more voice actors as I continue to finish the scripts for the future episodes. So if you are a VA, please keep an ear out, I'll most likely have a spot for you soon.

Overview; In this action thriller, you'll follow the journey of Nathan, who is a descendant of one of the main bloodlines in an underground assassin's society. But to get membership first you must earn it, by attending the Assassination Games, a deathmatch. Winner lives and is inducted into the society.

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New Project!


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2012-11-16 13:56:59

Looks interesting...Got any evil parts?


2012-11-16 13:58:35

And by that I mean evil characters that I can lend my voice to. I hate having such a huge impulse to correct myself. I guess it's useful in some cases, but whatever. I feel better now.

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Lol, I got what you meant, and yes there will be pleanty of evil parts availible. More characters will be coming out in future episodes