Incognito Release, "Part 2" Details

2013-01-26 14:31:04 by ReklessCreati0n

Incognito EP1 P1Has Been Released! Thanks to all who have been patiently waiting, and also to those who helped contribute to the project.

Episode 1 Part 2

Currently we have the core down for the rest of episode 1, We'll be getting (revised) scripts to VA's for them to start working their magic. I'll be taking my time a bit more with Part 2 to try to refine my craft. I really wish I had a LCD tablet haha! I'll be working on storyboards in the beginning of February. I'll post Teasers on my Userpage, so be sure to check in for that.

Part 1, I'm sure opened up a lot of questions, much like "wtf is going on". Your questions will be answered by the end of Episode 1 (part 3)

VOICE ACTORS! There are a lot more characters to this story, if you would like to contribute to the project send me a PM with a sample of your work, and I can see if you make a fit for any of the other 20+ characters we'll be releasing.

Also don't forget to check out the "Just another Monday collaboration" when its released! (Feb)

Incognito Release, "Part 2" Details


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