Incognito P.2/ Just a Monday/ Google+ Hangouts/ Pico Day VA

2013-03-25 18:15:20 by ReklessCreati0n

Been a while since I posted a News update,

Just a Monday Collab

Was released, made it to the Front Page for about a week, great run! I want to thank everybody for participating and also Jomelix for the start up. If you haven't seen it yet go watch it!.

Incognito Ep 1 part 2:

The next episode will be released as a mp4 movie, I am finalizing the script while I work on my Pico Day 2013 piece. Episode 1 will be finished before the end of the year. Also, its action packed, so get ready to enjoy some explosions n' shit!

Pico Day 2013

I am currently searching for voice actors for Pico characters.

Characters Needed:


Audition Line

"Darnel seriously we are kinda on a rescue mission right now, I mean come on, this is NeNe we're talking about."


Audition Line

"I heard this guy does all sorts of sick shit to his captives, we're not just talking nipple clamps and water torture. I mean some real psychological shit man. I heard about this one guy, who every time he saw or heard a duck, dis nig ga start eating his own tongue man, some fucked up shit right?"


Audition Line
"Oh god, that is the worst plan I have ever heard."

Tankman Captain

Audition Line

"Hey do any of you chums know how far we are from Australia?"

Dr. Angry Face
He's a super-villain But is kind of dumb. Imagine "The Monarch" from Ventrure Bros.

Audition Line

"Welcome to my Evil Lair, Pico. Looks like your rescue mission was a failure. Now I shall unveil to you my Evil plan. I have taken 13 Nuclear powered Laser pointers, and placed them in this Machine, where it will Magnify the frequency and density of the Laser. This focused beam will wipe out everything in its path"

Henchman #1

Audition Line

"You think that's fucked up, Ralph here; he had a respectable Job, a god dammed sexy wife, Jail bait for a daughter, and a douche bag of a son. His life was great. Then the Boss came into his house and raped his son and adopted his daughter... or was is the other way around... ah oh well, they are all dead now. Caused Ralph here to be a little bitch of a man he is today, canâEUTMt wait to see what he does to you."

Dr. Angry Face's Henchman

Line: (in response to "Ralph here")

Random Black Henchmen
Line: (In response to "god dammed sexy wife")
Aww Yeah
Line 2: (In response to "jail bait for a daughter")
Only 2 more years yall!

PM me with your auditions or message me on skype
Skype: reklesscreati0n

Google + Hangouts

I'll be hosting some google+ hangouts all month long. Just working on some of my projects. Currently working on a quick animation for 2013 NG Sketch Collab. Feel free to join in on the Hangout I'll be working for a few hours.

Google + Hangout ( 3/25/2013 3:00-5:00pm) Come see me animate this Mo-Fo below.

Incognito P.2/ Just a Monday/ Google+ Hangouts/ Pico Day VA


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2013-03-25 22:44:50

Shoot, I missed this stream, too. Hahah, love the drawing, though!

ReklessCreati0n responds:

I'll be doing more streams, when is the best time for everybody to be able to attend?


2013-03-26 02:11:38

Not sure. My schedule is uncertain and we'd have to take into account where most of your subscribers' timezones are


2013-03-26 02:12:03

Darn lag. Sorry about that!

ReklessCreati0n responds:

All good buddy, let me know when you are free next and we'll do a live stream then.


2013-03-26 22:58:23

I'm free, right now. EDT

ReklessCreati0n responds:

give me a little bit and i'll be able to live stream.