Halloween Horror Collab "The Room" & other news!

2013-10-11 06:54:32 by ReklessCreati0n


Halloween is soon upon us and newgrounds is in need of a scare. I'm running "The Room" Collaboration and am looking for as many submissions as we can get before the deadline. The collaboration will be submitted regardless of the number of submissions. So there is promise of a final product, don't have to worry about your work going down the drain.

Incognito 1.2

Storyboard is 50% complete for the next episode, will be sending out scripts to voice actors and holding auditions soon. PM me if you're a Voice Actor so I can send you the Memo when I have it ready.

Halloween Horror Collab "The Room" & other news!


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2013-10-12 12:56:45

can i join this collab?

PM me the deteails/requirements.

also, will we have to animate something specific,(theme), or a random thing?

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Check the link to the fourm topic. It will have all of the information you need there.


2013-10-14 15:51:20

I need to work on something for the Halloween Collab and the WTF Collab now, but if there's time left when that's done I'll be sure to join in. Nice idea!

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks man, still looking to get more people in collab, tell some of your buddies about it! :D


2013-10-29 23:03:26

idkif tis would be off topic, but the girl in a room collab isn't playing or loading for that matter, do you have a youtube acount so i can see this?

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Give it a little time to load. It looks like there may be an add before it. It will be released on Youtube on Halloween. youtube. com/reklesstooons