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A Girl In a Room II

Posted by ReklessCreati0n - October 30th, 2013


I have been getting a lot of interest building up for A Girl in a Room II; a sequel to the collaboration just released a few days ago. Linkers

In order to keep the collaboration fresh and interesting, I will be putting together an experimental project for the collaboration. Here are some thoughts that I have been toying around with:

A Girl in a Room II Features ( Discussion )

- Partners:

In most collaborations everybody just works on their own part and submits it. But unfortunately that isn't how real projects are completed. I'm thinking of having group submissions, where 2-4 people will all work on the story, animation, characters, sound for each part.


I feel that having more people working on individual segments will open up for discussion between the group, throwing out bad ideas, getting some awesome ideas really put together.

- Continuous Story:

This is pretty self explanatory, but having a chronological segment of events could give us all time to give the character more emotion/personality.

The downside to this is everybody can't kill off the character. Unless we come up with a unique logical way for it to happen.

- Psychological Disorders:

If we go the route of multiple groups, a way to get each group to do a different type of horror, by utilizing very real psychological disorders into the mix.

For example: Stockholm Syndrome, the disease that causes captives to feel an emotional attachment to their captives.

The parts would not rely on the disorders for content. But you can use the disorders to structure your parts and give you a solid foundation.

( More disorders/ Not enough? )

All of these things are just ideas that I am toying around with. I would like to hear what you guys think. What are some things we can implement into the sequel?

Once we get an format, then I will start the collaboration to allow people to get started over winter breaks. The deadline will not be until Summer 2014, gives us all time to make a truly amazing piece of art.

Comments (5)

Personally I wouldn't want other animators helping me with a piece. Voice actors and sound artists are fine though since I can do neither (Except gathering sounds from the internet).

I'm not sure how you will be going about having it all one continuous story. My assumption is each person storyboards what they are going to do before animating so the next person can create theirs. Either that or you plan out the whole story yourself, which doesn't leave much room for creativity.
Plus, a continuous story would require everyone to finish their part so you can't go accepting people who've never submitted anything.

I think grouping would be encouraged but not required, I try to do Google+ Hangouts for creative talks or whatever, I think it would help everybody just to talk aloud about ideas etc.

- One Idea I had for the second part is everybody will have different "Versions" of the girl, and I could do a ending where all the versions get teleported into the same room and fight.

- Another would end it where it explains everything she went through was all in her head.

- I was also thinking about doing a chronological assignments, like somebody animates day 1, another day 2, another day 3, another day 9, etc.

I keep brainstorming different ideas and jot down the ones that I like.

I would love to work on another part. I was really in hurry with the first one because i had another
big animation going on for the halloween 2013 collab. My next big project starts in january so now
I have time to animate stuff.

-The Goup Idea is interesting and I bet that its alot more fun doing projects together with other
people...but were spread all over the world and being in contact by chatting is a bit desperate :D
And it can be really really hard to come up with a story . There will alwayes be someone who disagrees with the script( especially me and my weird Horror taste :D)

-The Contious Story is a great Idea and I definatly gonna support that...it will be a challange but
it will pay out in the end.

Cant wait to start!! :D

The premise of the collab is interesting! I'm not sure if you're already looking for animators, but i would love to participate. One thing, though, how are you plan to organize it? Because if the format is not yet completely developed and ideas is what you want, i would like to put my two cents on it. If you agree to that, of course.

Still figuring out the details, been busy around the house and haven't had much time for figuring it out yet. I mainly want to make sure it makes sense.

A time skip in the continuum parallax would let the character die multiple times. Sounds like a refreshingly different collab idea.

I just pictured the most amazing thing ever after reading this.

After the first part finishes, fade to black. Some burly dude with a deep voice says, "Some fucked up time shit is going down on you don't even wanna know yo."

Next part.

we never have to explain anything ever again.


Haha, yeah that would be awesome. Some scientific voice echoing 'time skip in the continuum parallax' in the background when he says that? :P Time always transcends our understandings.