2014-02-13 04:07:14 by ReklessCreati0n

Hey Newgrounds!


   Here are some Updates!


800 Miles Out


      I'd been having inner struggles about some of the character designs, but I think I may have fixed them up. I've got tons of sketches in my sketch-book drawn up of the different characters, I'll be working this week on having those transfered over to a digital ( colored ) format here this week. Animation has been sort of backed up because the next scene includes the characters with the redesign. I'm happy with the new look of some of the characters though, hope you guys like it too. 


     Here's a screenshot of some of the work I've finished already!




A Girl in a Room II


       I'm still very interested in running the collaboration for a Halloween 2014 release date, I actually already have my scene planned out with some great voice acting done by Shock-Dingo

       If you are interested in learning more about A Girl in a Room II ( AGIAR II ) you can see the first collaboration here, I'd like this year's collaboration to be even larger and way more thrilling. 





      With my primary focus now on 800 Miles Out, I have not forgotten about the Incognito series, I've actually been focusing on reimagining the first episode. There are a lot of things I feel should have been included in the first episode, So I believe that I'll be re-writing the first episode to mix both part 1 and 2 together. 


     Why rewrite?

  I feel that 'Episode 1' could have been way more sucessful on telling a story. In fact, that is why I love to animate, because I enjoy telling stories. I cut too many corners when putting together the episode, and I would like to paint a better picture of who these characters are before I throw them in a deathmatch.. spoilers? ( you'll have to wait to find out ) 





        I'm happy to announce that I'll be looking into Alacrity once again, I really enjoyed the feel of the Alacrity series and would have a great time putting it together. 


       More on Alacrity to come in the future! 




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2014-02-13 04:59:05

if it a collab, add me!


2014-02-13 06:04:40

Shoot me an email should you need any more voice work from me for any of the upcoming projects you have planned :)

ReklessCreati0n responds:

I may be adding in a monologue for Niri at the end of Ep. 1 of 800 Miles Out

so keep an eye out in your email next week if I end up doing it. I'll PM you on here as well when I email you.


2014-02-13 21:53:15

Much interesting stuff.