Entry #45

BEAST MODE Collab Announcement

2015-02-22 15:52:50 by ReklessCreati0n

Rekless Here! 




Keep an eye out on the Collaboration Fourms for the xK-Beast Mode Collaboration post. Spots will be limited so be sure to claim your part as early as possible. Restrictions will be similar to that of the Girl in a Room Series, all are welcome as long as your part is animated to the best of your abilities and is decided by the rest of the members to be fit with the theme and quality. 


I will update on my usepage once the Collab has been relased. Be sure to follow for more news and announcements on Girl in a Room 3, 800 Miles Out, Incognito, Alacrity, and AoB*. 

BBS Post for Beast Mode Collab

*AoB: Adventures of Bob not yet Announced... well I guess now it is. 


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2015-02-25 09:15:53

I'm there for you, and anyone else, who needs me!! ^_^