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Great work! I enjoyed the random background things. (triangles, spirals, and retangles) *oh my* The converstation was silly, very funny.

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Brewster responds:


Happy to be a part of this!

Pretty good man, I liked it! Unfourtunately I couldn't come up with an idea for the NATA open round. I drew a blank. HAHA

Brewster responds:

Yeah, sometimes the themes can be pretty hit or miss. Thanks!

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Great Beta, but

Like the reviews say, It does need some work. Some ideas-

1- move the camera in, just a little bit.
2- work on making some more interesting graphics, and animations ( explosions etc)
3- Gameplay is alright, but it has been done before, but this seems pretty fun.
4- Try adding in some more powerups that make things a lot more interesting
5- Take the HUD and make it less confusing, the less text the better.
6- Story! and Different Levels

I know a lot of these things will be out in the full release, but the game is pretty fun. I'd suggest a "Droid Management Area" where you can customize powerups on your robot. Like Armored Core

Good luck, hope to see it full and complete. If you need help on Graphics or anything, I can probably help yah out.

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glider521al responds:

Finally an Intellegent and unbiased Reviewer who has something to say about the actual gameplay!
2. I agree, but first I need to get all the planned gameplay features implemented first.
3. Thanks.
4. Working on it :)
5. The reason why I'm using so much dynamic text, is because I haven't yet had time to create a training level...
6. Campaign mode will be implemented after the other game modes.
7. Sure, the armoury will definitely be added in, in a later version.
If you've got any tips on isometric art, I'd love to hear them. :)
after looking at your profile, you look like quite the skilled artist.
If you'd like to contribute a pic to my project, I'd be happy to credit you.
Alternatively, when I do get around to the graphics polishing end, I can send you some of my work to get a professional opinion :)

Right now my priority for the graphics is to make a better tileset and a more interesting background...

Needs Moar DubStep

Enough said, you should update with the new DubStep genre

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Awesome game guys, I'm surprised you uploaded to newgrounds lol! Even though its clearly an ad to get people to buy Mercs2 its still good, some things that could have been better but its what it is. Good Game.

Mercs2 btw is amazing, but a lil on the easy side ;)

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I was listening to this song, after the drop the girl I was texting said her panties dropped. Good job!

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KingKilo responds:

Hahahaha, good to know that my tunes have that effect on the ladies. You're welcome. ;D

Freaking Awesome!

Holy Crap dude! Your music is amazing, great quality! You'll probably be seeing a lot of your music in my cartoons over time.

Keep up the great work!

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Really awesome dude, I really like the detail in the face and tatoo, I think the lack of detail in the shirt however takes away from the whole composition. Try adding a cloth texture (very faint) to the shirt maybe.

Thats a huge gun! Wow

Awesome Job!

Really great job on this.

The detail is amazing, Whenever I try to do realism, I always fall short. But you did well my friend.

btw skalphell wrote his review from his iphone.

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Hey Everybody! Thanks for checking out my Newgrounds page, feel free to enjoy my art, music, and movies here on the site. If you have any questions you need to ask feel free to do so.

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