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Oh your silly haha!

You Joker, thats a funny adeptation of the commercial haha! I enjoyed your overplay of them being old and it was a great use of art style, could have used some more though. Good job overall!

mrnihil responds:


Awesome Tribute

funny, great animation, good sound effects.

<3 the Tau!!! ahahah Long Live the Mighty Tau Empire!

Haha Awesome

I thought the animation in this flash was class, You really used the video importing very well. I'm curious to how you actually did it all. This was done VERY WELL, very professional, and great humor.

Dare I say one of the best animators on newgrounds? I will have to see more work from you.

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CirrusEpix responds:

Each scene used a different technique. To be honest, the Halo scene was the hardest to do. While you don't see it, the video for each character is isolated and minimized upon a still background limiting the overall filesize.

I agree with TheManOfH

This was way to much anime, orientation, I especially didn't like the drama parts at the end where you just shaded over their eyes, that bugged at that point the eyes would have been the key feature to his expression.

Overall, the anime style fit, but since it was America, the whole Japanese school system didn't make sense to me, although I didn't realize it til the end. Good job, and I hope to see more from this series, its very well done, but still not perfect.

Animation - 9/10
Audio - 10/10 ( GREAT VOICE ACTING )

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Song is By &quot;The Sweet&quot;

Overall, okay animation, not the best, but not the worst, but the song is" Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet"

Pretty good

nice lil music video, the animation was pretty good, could have used a lil more attention in some parts, but other than that, I enjoyed it, good job man!

MrGUS responds:

Thank you, I try to avoid lazyness in some parts but alot of the time it is lack of time tooo... but mainly lazyness

Gus M.

Haha! Dexter's Lab

I was watching this wondering, what the hell does this have to do with Dexter's Lab? Then I realized it was a different show... Hahah great flash, get some sleep man. Good Job!

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Haha Silly

Don't let what people are saying bother you, the Adult rating lets people know there is going to be nudity. People just need to stop being intolerant to something they asked for. Great song btw, and great animation. Good Job, and happy pico day!

ConAir responds:

Yeah, I LOVE that song, such a unique sound. Yeah, go figure people would complain after clicking on the movie in the first place, but I hear what you're saying man, thanks for the great review! Happy Pico Day!

good for flash 5

pretty funny, good art!

Wasn't the best animation

If you added more detail to the limbs, and more movement and stuff, to make it appear more realistic, then the animation would have been better.

Another thing, why do all of your songs have to be about you, or "soulja's" can you write a song that has meaning to it, and doesn't promote yourself all the time?

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