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I really didn't like this

The graphics were bad, probably the worse i've seen, the humor was kiddish, and the style was overused, i'm sorry, but this was bad.. :(...

good luck in your future, try out a different style, or just don't listen to me at all, wichever works O_o

Ying-yong responds:

But I like you! :(

Great First submission

I'll be looking out for your crew in the future you have a bright one.

Way to Go Wonchop!!

by far one of the best things i've seen by you yet, amazing, but there are somethings i had problems with, like the random black and white animation part. anyways, 5 all the way, good job, :)

Wonchop responds:

You don't like my Ultra Leet FBF Battle Sequences? :(

Don't quite know how that adds up >.>

Very good buddy, i like the way you animate things, your screen layout is very nice, if you could help me out with a music video of my own that i'm working on, i would be greatfull, i would just want your help with the layouts and everything if you could, contact me... thanks...

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:



If i was you, before you work on the second one, i would practice with different animation attempts, and write out a storyline, you can draw, you just have to learn how to animate your drawings a bit better, for instance the part with the car, remember, cars don't take up the whole road, and houses are bigger then cars T_T... anyways, feel free to email me if you have any animation questions or whatever... good luck...

thenbriansaid responds:

haha actually i did that... i have some concept drawings and script written down. i knew about the road and house thing, i guess i was too lazy... thanks for the review though, it really helped

Pretty Good

good job buddy, and i wasn't in the credits i'm going to cry, i helped you so much *cries*


SaintShun responds:

dunt worry, i thought i had you there, i will ad you along with buzzwerd

Very well done for a first flash

great job for a first flash, keep up the good work... You should move the character around a little more though, work on character animation, i'm glad to see that you got lip syncing down though, congrats ^-^

Good job

Good job buddy, a few things that were wrong, but otherwise, a good clock film ^-^

BlueZombieClock responds:

Thanks! :D

OOOpppss you did it again....

Wow... great job, i'm speachless... kinda I_I nice use of 3d programs with flash 5 great job...


Hey, if you don't mind i added you to my msn, (anime_artist1000(at)hotmail) i wanted to talk to you about a collab, and other things, i watched all of your flashes so far, anyways, see yah around good job on the movie btw...

CirrusEpix responds:

I'm always strapped for time, so collabs become rough. But drop me an email and we can talk.

Hey Everybody! Thanks for checking out my Newgrounds page, feel free to enjoy my art, music, and movies here on the site. If you have any questions you need to ask feel free to do so.

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