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Very well done for a first flash

great job for a first flash, keep up the good work... You should move the character around a little more though, work on character animation, i'm glad to see that you got lip syncing down though, congrats ^-^

Good job

Good job buddy, a few things that were wrong, but otherwise, a good clock film ^-^

BlueZombieClock responds:

Thanks! :D

OOOpppss you did it again....

Wow... great job, i'm speachless... kinda I_I nice use of 3d programs with flash 5 great job...


Hey, if you don't mind i added you to my msn, (anime_artist1000(at)hotmail) i wanted to talk to you about a collab, and other things, i watched all of your flashes so far, anyways, see yah around good job on the movie btw...

CirrusEpix responds:

I'm always strapped for time, so collabs become rough. But drop me an email and we can talk.

Haha Funny...

your a pretty good animator ^-^ talk to me on MSN or AIM...

RANTish responds:

ill try

Thanks for using me ^-^

Very nice flash, i still gave it a 5, but the review is 7, very good...

Very Nice

Cool Graphics, i can tell you took time in the character design for the girl, but the bully could have used some more detail, to cope with the girl.... anyways, nice stuff you got here ^_^ good luck to your future,


for those who are saying that none of us can draw, shame, i don't see what you are talking about, did you even bother watching all of the movies, all of my art was drawn without trace... >:(

anyways, this collab was good, great Job Xion, on putting it together... If you make another but you don't wanna put it all together, then i might wanna help with that, ^-^

Xionico responds:

lol thanks, and well, ignore that, since the one who said we couldnt draw was a sprite flasher..
aaand, nope ill rest from collabs for now XD


Hey, If you don't mind, do you think that you could add me to your MSN/ AIM.. the reason is that i'm going to start a anime series too, and when i do that, if i have any screenshot trouble or whatever, that maybe i could ask you for advice, info in profile.

Anyways, on to the flash... graphics were amazing, there were a few things that didn't look right at sometimes, (like his feet when he walked though the door, the moved to fast. but thats probably about it, everything else was amazing, well i hope to talk to you soon, see ya...

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I'm glad that i was a part of this

Good job everyone, and good job Stero at putting this together, sucsessful collab ^_^

BlueZombieClock responds:

Thanks dude :) i couldnt of done this without you either

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