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ReklessCreati0n's News

Posted by ReklessCreati0n - February 22nd, 2015

Rekless Here! 




Keep an eye out on the Collaboration Fourms for the xK-Beast Mode Collaboration post. Spots will be limited so be sure to claim your part as early as possible. Restrictions will be similar to that of the Girl in a Room Series, all are welcome as long as your part is animated to the best of your abilities and is decided by the rest of the members to be fit with the theme and quality. 


I will update on my usepage once the Collab has been relased. Be sure to follow for more news and announcements on Girl in a Room 3, 800 Miles Out, Incognito, Alacrity, and AoB*. 

BBS Post for Beast Mode Collab

*AoB: Adventures of Bob not yet Announced... well I guess now it is. 

Posted by ReklessCreati0n - November 28th, 2014


A Girl in Room 2

This year's collaboration came out great everybody, great job to everyone involved! 









As well as the several music producers that helped with sound design! 


A Girl in the Room 3


If you haven't seen the updated version of the collaboration yet, you should do so now. There is a bonus clip after the credits that you should see, a teaser for the theme of 2015's collabotation. 

Once somebody guess's the theme in the comments, I will comfirm it. 





800 Miles Out! 

   Once work calms down a bit I'll be working on 800 Miles Out! Some scripts for a secret scene went out to a few lucky voice actors that will be revealing a bit more about the World of 800 Miles Out! 




Posted by ReklessCreati0n - February 13th, 2014

Hey Newgrounds!


   Here are some Updates!


800 Miles Out


      I'd been having inner struggles about some of the character designs, but I think I may have fixed them up. I've got tons of sketches in my sketch-book drawn up of the different characters, I'll be working this week on having those transfered over to a digital ( colored ) format here this week. Animation has been sort of backed up because the next scene includes the characters with the redesign. I'm happy with the new look of some of the characters though, hope you guys like it too. 


     Here's a screenshot of some of the work I've finished already!




A Girl in a Room II


       I'm still very interested in running the collaboration for a Halloween 2014 release date, I actually already have my scene planned out with some great voice acting done by Shock-Dingo

       If you are interested in learning more about A Girl in a Room II ( AGIAR II ) you can see the first collaboration here, I'd like this year's collaboration to be even larger and way more thrilling. 





      With my primary focus now on 800 Miles Out, I have not forgotten about the Incognito series, I've actually been focusing on reimagining the first episode. There are a lot of things I feel should have been included in the first episode, So I believe that I'll be re-writing the first episode to mix both part 1 and 2 together. 


     Why rewrite?

  I feel that 'Episode 1' could have been way more sucessful on telling a story. In fact, that is why I love to animate, because I enjoy telling stories. I cut too many corners when putting together the episode, and I would like to paint a better picture of who these characters are before I throw them in a deathmatch.. spoilers? ( you'll have to wait to find out ) 





        I'm happy to announce that I'll be looking into Alacrity once again, I really enjoyed the feel of the Alacrity series and would have a great time putting it together. 


       More on Alacrity to come in the future! 



Posted by ReklessCreati0n - January 23rd, 2014



I've put together a scheduel for when I'll be streaming. I'll try to be consistant and make sure to stream at these times. 


Mon & Wednesday - Video Games @ 10pm GMT

Tues & Thurs -    Animating 800 Miles Out @ 10pm GMT




If you're interested in joining me on Skype to hang out and chat while in Stream send me a message! 

Posted by ReklessCreati0n - January 16th, 2014

Hello Newgrounds! 


     I'd like to announce that the "Animated Storyboard" for 800 Miles Out is complete! I'll continue Live-Streaming when I work on the animation so those of you that are interested in seeing my process of animation can do so on my twitch profile. 



Posted by ReklessCreati0n - January 2nd, 2014

What's Up Newgrounds! 


Happy New Year to everybody, coming out of the Holiday season I'm getting back to work on my projects. 800 Miles out audio has been put together, will be tweaking it a bit as I work on it, but overall it sounds Awesome! I want to Thank all of the Voice Actors for getting those in, they did such a great job. 


I'm working on putting a storyboard together with the audio so I can get everything put into perspective before I get to line art animation . I'm making it a goal to have the final product by the end of February, wish me luck! 

Occasionally I'll stream myself working on the Project on my twitch.tv profile. 


Keep following my page for more updates on 800 Miles out and Incognito part 2. 

Posted by ReklessCreati0n - December 17th, 2013

-800 Miles Out- 

Niri- ATheatricalSongBird

Albert- DoMiNoVoX

Captain Hero- Shock-Dingo

Female Student- ATheatricalSongBird

Zach-  LegendofDelza

Teacher-  Budj

* News Reporter - ATheatricalSongBird / fn2bteen / Dragonhat (Andy Cowle) 


OPEN AUDITION- Going to need some evil Alien Robot sound effects for some of the fight scenes. Very minimal role, but It could be a fun thing to play around with new filters. 

The Robots are Insect in design ( Imagine Syther from Pokemon ) 

Sounds needed- ( More comical the better ) 


Attack Sounds

Hurt sounds

Dying sounds

and Spoken word: " Praying Mantis?? "


PM me with your audition zip, link, or ask for my email address in a PM. ( So I know who's emailing me )



        Sorry for the late post, I forgot that It'd be finals week when I did these auditions. This should be the final Cast list for 800 Miles Out Ep.1. Congratulations. For everybody that auditioned thank you very much for your time, it was very difficult deciding on the final parts because there were so many great auditions. 


        -Cast Memebers- 

        I believe the majority of you have already sent in a final read through of the script. I'm still waiting on a few parts to be finished, then I get to start working with the sound design. IF you would like to be a part of my creative process I am always looking for people willing to watch the unfinished versions and give feed back. (beta viewers) if you will. Send me a PM letting me know you're up for it. 



Incognito Project ( Episode 1 Part 2 )


      There has been a lot of work going into Incognito, the script for it is hard to write because I keep coming up with awesome ideas that I want to fit in and have them make sense. The project has not been canceled, but there will be a new script coming out early next year. 


       Incognito Voice Actors- 


      Episode 2 will have a ton of new characters introduced, I'll be posting Voice Acting opportunities once I have the script finished in January-Febuary. Keep checking out my News Posts, I'll post information about the auditions around that time. 



Posted by ReklessCreati0n - December 9th, 2013

Hey Newgrounds! 


-800 Miles Out- 

Niri- ATheatricalSongBird

Albert- DoMiNoVoX

Captain Hero- Shock-Dingo

Female Student- ATheatricalSongBird

Zach- OPEN AUDITIONS ( Send me an audition now! ) 

Teacher-  OPEN AUDITIONS ( Send me an audition now! ) 

* News Reporter - OPEN AUDITIONS ( Send me an audition now! ) 

You can zip your .mp3 auditions together and upload to your Newgrounds Dump, then PM me the link. 

or Email- pdempsey42@gmail.com

---------------------------------------------------Auditions Close DECEMBER 16TH-----------------------------------------

Character Info!

Zach (Male Role)- Class clown, likely to be working in fast food after high school. Clearly doesn't know the answer to whatever the teacher asked. Doesn't even know what the teacher asked, Words? words are hard, what are they? Huh???


Teacher (Male Role)- Think of your Ideal teacher; always prepared for class, has great inspiring speaches, knows his students names, understands how to teach, treats his students with respect. This Teacher has NONE of these qualities, in fact I'm surprised the teacher came to teach class today. He clearly has a hang over and looks like he hasn't bathed in a day or so. Reguardless of being a astounding failure of a teacher, he has a bit of a charm to him. He's a younger teacher, roughly 28 years old, after class he's going to hook up with one of the student's Mom, and never call her again. 


Teacher Voice References ( I know these are both Japanese, but I like that deep but slight raspy voice like the actors use in the following clips )

Clip 1 ( Bro warning, anime dude starts to undress)

Clip 2 (Pallet Clenser + Total Badass)


Reporter (Male and Female) [ I want to have a few reporters in the final part saying "Captain Hero, Captain Hero!"]

Reporters never change, just your typical News Anchor voice. 


Audition Lines:

Zach: *gasps* (does not want to go up to the board)

Teacher: Come on Zach lets go, nothing to be afraid of yah spaz.

     Suddenly a Robot bursts through the window and stands among the class!

Teacher: “Oh come on!”

Zach: “yes!” (Small celebratory fist pump to self)


Zach:"You're the teacher, shouldn't you know that?"


Reporter: "Captain Hero! Captain Hero! Where do you find the courage to keep fighting evil?" 

Captain Hero:"HA HA HA! Here *points to reporters heart* -ooOOOo- I must be off, Love and Kindness await!

Reporter:*sniffles, tears in eyes* "Thank you Captain Hero*


Aaaaaaaaannnnnd here's a drawing of Niri



Posted by ReklessCreati0n - November 18th, 2013

I have quite a lot of roles to audition for! PM me with your tryout!

Genre: Sci-Fi Action Comedy (Anime)

Setting: The series will take place mostly on a Space Station City, and a bit on the planet the Station orbits.

Characters: (F/M) Female/Male Roles

(F) Niri (Lead) ; [Near-E] Niri is a Student in high school. She has a punk-y personality and Is madly obsessed with becoming a Hero to save people. She Idolizes Captain Hero.

(M) Albert (Supporting): Albert is a nerdy high school student, he is your typical anime nerd kid.

(M) Teacher (Supporting): The teacher is a middle aged tired worn out teacher, who doesn't really seem to try or have any passion for teaching.

(F) Female Student: Not important enough to have named, but she has a few lines, she's the preppy nerdy girl in class.

(M) Zach (Extra) : Class Clown, nervous.

(M?) Captain Hero (Supporting): Captain Hero is a Burly Flamboyant super hero. He is super lame, and super obnoxious. Think of a Super Hero Taric from League of Legends, with personality.

Audition Lines-

Niri: "I'm just your Average girl, I go to school In Space, Fight Crime, do homework and daydream about the most kickass super hero of all time. Captain Hero, he's so freaking cool!"

Albert, Teacher, Female Student, Zach:

"You won't believe the day I had, First a robotic elephant trampled the school, and now I'm stuck in a Rocketship with Captain Hero.."

Captain Hero:

"-oooOOOOOOoo- It looks like my work here is done, another case of justice being served with an Ice cold glass of Love and Peace!"

Rough Sketch of most the characters shown below. PM me with your audition piece, or you can email them to me at pdempsey42@gmail.com . (I'll respond to PM's faster)

Voice Acting Auditions!

Posted by ReklessCreati0n - October 30th, 2013


I have been getting a lot of interest building up for A Girl in a Room II; a sequel to the collaboration just released a few days ago. Linkers

In order to keep the collaboration fresh and interesting, I will be putting together an experimental project for the collaboration. Here are some thoughts that I have been toying around with:

A Girl in a Room II Features ( Discussion )

- Partners:

In most collaborations everybody just works on their own part and submits it. But unfortunately that isn't how real projects are completed. I'm thinking of having group submissions, where 2-4 people will all work on the story, animation, characters, sound for each part.


I feel that having more people working on individual segments will open up for discussion between the group, throwing out bad ideas, getting some awesome ideas really put together.

- Continuous Story:

This is pretty self explanatory, but having a chronological segment of events could give us all time to give the character more emotion/personality.

The downside to this is everybody can't kill off the character. Unless we come up with a unique logical way for it to happen.

- Psychological Disorders:

If we go the route of multiple groups, a way to get each group to do a different type of horror, by utilizing very real psychological disorders into the mix.

For example: Stockholm Syndrome, the disease that causes captives to feel an emotional attachment to their captives.

The parts would not rely on the disorders for content. But you can use the disorders to structure your parts and give you a solid foundation.

( More disorders/ Not enough? )

All of these things are just ideas that I am toying around with. I would like to hear what you guys think. What are some things we can implement into the sequel?

Once we get an format, then I will start the collaboration to allow people to get started over winter breaks. The deadline will not be until Summer 2014, gives us all time to make a truly amazing piece of art.